About Us 

Our History in the business of installing Resin Bound 
Like our driveway systems our family business has been built on great foundations. 
We have been working in construction for over 20 years and installed our first Resin Drive over 15 years ago, our business has grown from installing driveways for domestic homeowners, to working with our client’s full home. We have expanded into working with business premises including medical and care environments. The system is eco-friendly, fully permeable and slip resistant, giving you a surface, you can be confident will provide your home or customers a safe space to enjoy. 
Our construction expertise gives us considerable knowledge of the build environment, working with your existing structures around your home, e.g. garages and sheds, outhouses and if the driveway comes right up to the front of your property, we understand how to protect your home and the damp-proof course. 

Where we work 

We cover Surrey, North Hampshire, Middlesex, South West London, South Buckinghamshire, South Oxfordshire, East Berkshire and West Kent. 
We work closely with some of our oldest clients in Haywards Heath, Crawley and surrounding areas of Sussex. 

What makes us different? 

We get our quotes back to you within 24-hours of our site visit 
Our detailed installation process 
– we know that by taking time on the installation process we can back up all of our works with our 10-year manufacturer’s warranty 
Approved by one of the UKs top suppliers 
We train other installers to help improve the reputation of the industry 
Our unique Crack Repair System designed and created by Resin Bound Surfacing specialists 
20 years of industry knowledge and over 15 years of installation experience 

How we work 

Booking in a quotation 
Our process for booking in a quotation does depend on how close you are to our head office. If you are within a 30 mins drive time, we can provide a free quotation, if outside that area, we will give you a quote for a site visit, this is usually only a cost to cover our mileage and we are transparent about that in advance. 
Areas we cover for a free quotation 
Our core areas for the free quotation are Byfleet, Esher, Ewell, Woking, Guildford, Farnham and Leatherhead. If you are outside our area and can provide us with photos of the area and measurement’s we can give you a guide price before you book us for the site visit. 
Quotes within 24 hours 
Once we have made a site visit, you will have a written quotation in your inbox within 24 hours, if you are getting more than one quotation, we like to be the first one back with you and pride ourselves on our turnaround time for all our quotes. 

How the installation process works 

The preparation of the site is extremely important and our groundworks team will ensure they have met our high standards to create a permeable substrate so the water can drain back into the water table. 
We excavate to a depth of 300 mm, making sure that the surface is flattened and level at this point 
A layer of 220mm of limestone or type 3 scalping’s (crushed concrete) is then added 
The Edging detail is now installed using a sand and cement mix, the decorative edging detail can be brick work, block paving or granite set, but there must be edging in place to keep the integrity of the path, patio, driveway in place 
The full area is then mechanically compacted 
The site is then left for between 3-5 days, this allows for the edging details to cure and the initial layer of limestone to settle down. 
Installation of the second layer 
At this point we install a 60mm layer of open grade base coat tarmac, again this layer is permeable. 
This layer is laid and flattened with a ‘vibrating’ hydraulic roller, this is a large and expensive piece of machinery but it is essential to use this equipment, as this part of the process has to be completely level and compacted. The team is constantly checking the whole area's surface is completely flat. 
The site is left for a further 3-5 days to settle and go off. 
Installation of the Resin Bound 
Our team of competent installation engineers all accredited to install the Resin Bound product now work on installing the final layer. 
The aggregates are put into a Baron forced action mixer, this process ensures every element is completely covered with the resin, a strengthening agent is then added, usually a sand but can also be a crushed glass grit. This can help with steep driveways to provide the additional grip needed. 
This layer must be left for 24 hours with no foot traffic and 48 hours for no vehicles, if possible, we would prefer no access for 48 hours to allow the curing process as it's still in its curing phase. 
The Overlay System 
One of the other systems our team are proud to provide is the Overlay System, this is where you have a structurally sound existing surface, eg, tarmac or concrete. We would always require a site visit so our engineers can assess the surface area. 
The overlay system offers the same manufacturer’s warranty on the Resin Bound surface and the time it takes to install is reduced significantly and can be a cost-effective alternative to a full installation. 
Always ask our engineers to check if an overlay can be carried out on your existing driveway, path or patio. 
Every installation job we leave 100kg of batch stone 
As part of the service, we provide you with a 100kg of batch stone, if you decided you wanted to add on another area later on, you would then have a perfect match. 
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