How do I know your warranty stands? 
We are a local business and our family home is our business, we have lived and grown up in this area and our family has been doing business in this area for over 20 years. We survive on our reputation and we encourage you to ask us for clients contact details so you can speak to them directly. 
Our manufacturers warranty is given to us based on their trust in us as one of the accredited installers and it covers cracking in the surface. 
We are totally transparent with our customers and explain throughout the process if we think there may be an issue.  
What if you don’t install the sub-base will you still guarantee the work? 
We will advise you at the time once the sub-base has been inspected, our 10 years guarantee is for the Resin Bound and the installation by our competent team. We can guarantee our workmanship as the resin bound is laid to the highest specification standards. 
What if someone did go wrong? 
On the exceptionally rare occasion something might go wrong and in 10 years we can count on one hand any issues that have occurred with our installation, we stand by our directors Marks saying “We go back and we make it good because that’s just the right thing to do” If you are worried and want to talk to previous customers, we can ask some of our existing clients to talk with you to give you the reassurance you are looking for. 
Do you have a regulator in your industry? 
Unfortunately, we do not, this is a great disappointment to us at Resin Bound and we work alongside our manufactures to try and encourage the government to regulate our industry. Most construction trades now have a regulator and we look forward to the time the government introduces regulation in the installation and maintenance of drive, paths and other walkway surfaces. 
What colours are available? 
The range of colours available are enormous and the colour is based on the colour of the aggregate you chose for your drive, path or area around your pool etc. 
We have heard of a premier football club who added a blue dye to be able to add their emblem to the area in front of the stadium, this is a technical project and is very expensive but the results were apparently stunning. 
How to I clean my resin drive or path? 
It’s simple, you can use a jet wash as you would any other driveway surface, generally they don’t tend to get too dirty unless they are under a tree that has a sticky sap or brightly coloured flower or leaf and we would suggest you brush off regularly. 
We strongly advise against using boiling water or steam cleaning your resin surface as this method can over time damage the products and will break down the surface. 
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